Creating Effective Web Applications

About MovingLabs


We create effective web applications. We build them because we need them ourselves and because we enjoy it. We have been working together on several projects since 2000 and now we do so as MovingLabs. Please check out our Projects page to see the results. MovingLabs is based in the Netherlands.

Tycho Luyben

Programming since the age of 10, working on the MovingLabs projects enables me to get out of the 'Enterprise' programming arena into the cool web applications programming niche. Enjoy programming in PHP, Perl and Ocaml, am very experienced at programming in the former three as well as Java, C (not the pig-with-wings C++) and Delphi.

Michiel van Vlaardingen

I work on the design and development of the MovingLabs projects.  I have been busy designing and developing websites since I was 12 and founded my own company at the age of 16. In 2007 I became Master of Science  in Media and Knowledge Engineering at the TU Delft with a thesis about the automated recognition of human hand shapes from video. Besides programming my main interests are in productivity improvement, the design and usability of web applications and business in general. More about me can be found on my personal site and on twitter: @Michielvv.

The Company

MovingLabs is registered in the Dutch Trade Register under the number: 30247872. Contact us at:

VOF MovingLabs
Tooropstraat 16
6901 DG Zevenaar
The Netherlands