Creating Effective Web Applications

Effective Web Applications

Our projects are effective and efficient web applications.  These are mostly projects originating from our own need.  Do you want us to work on one of our projects? Have a look at our services page.


This is our current project, which is still in development. Read more about it in this blog post.


Online photo and movie sharing which will evolve to contain all kinds of intelligence and userfriendliness. Pictures can be organized in albums and tagged or quickly hosted anonymously without registration. There are tools available for batch uploading, cropping, rotating and more.
Special : Rebrandable PicturePush Photo and Video Sharing

TeamSpinner (beta)

Manage projects, tasks, ideas, groups and your brain in general online. Easy projectmanagement tool for the rest of us.


FLEXlists enables you to create lists, share them with others and export them. You can give others the right to edit or just view your lists. You no longer need to keep lists in your spreadsheet application or create custom webapplications for straightforward lists.


Observu is a site, server and application monitoring company, incubated at MovingLabs.


Ever needed to quickly write a document and show it to others for review? Sick of mailing updates again and again? YourDraft allows you to write your drafts online using a WYSIWYG editor and share it without registration, passwords or installing plugins.


Forlater allows you to send mails into the future. You can use it to remind yourself of for example your dentist apointment. Just let mail you the day before.


Do you want to know what books people like? What movie they hate most? Or just what you should do with your life? Create a votelist and everyone can vote for what they like or dislike on your votelist.

Partner Projects

Sometimes, our efforts are not enough to bring you the best. Therefore we often work together with other individuals or companies on bigger projects as a technical partner. Some examples are listed below: