Creating Effective Web Applications


Custom Development

Our development process is effective. We start with applications that work and extend them based on demands by the users, our own intuition and experience. We can apply this knowledge to your projects.

Technology Consulting

Building and running various sites with over 10,000 visitors a day has taught us a lot about the bottlenecks in basic approaches to building websites. These bottlenecks may become visible even sooner when applications are deployed in the cloud. We are very interested in scaling applications, but we may also be able to help you with simple changes in the way you approach problems, that postpone the need to scale out. This may include caching, decoupling parts of your system or the application of an in-memory database technology such as Redis.

Dedicated Services

Do you like our web applications? Do you want one dedicated for your organization? We can install the applications on your server. You can customize the layout and connect with existing software.

Special : Rebrandable PicturePush Photo and Video Sharing


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