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FlexLists Update

09 05 2008, Michiel van Vlaardingen on FlexLists

As I announced two days ago, we are in the process of turning FlexLists into a BloxDB light.  As we feel the new GUI is much better, I have moved it to the actual site for all of you to enjoy.  The most important changes:

  • Tabs on the right with 'Share', 'Configure', etc.
  • Slightly different color scheme
  • Delete multiple items at once
  • Detail view no longer duplicates the fields shown in the main list
  • Drop down menu's to hide less used options such as 'delete list'
  • Need to be signed up to create a list  (This removes the need to explain how to return to your own list)
  • Use email to share the URLs is now preferred over direct linking (People tend to loose those URLs if you don't mail them)
If you notice any bugs, errors or want to suggest further improvement, please let me know.

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