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More Filtering Options

31 03 2009, Michiel van Vlaardingen on FlexLists

Today we worked on extending our filtering options to other parts of FlexLists.  Starting today you can now also select which items to show on the widget by configuring it on the 'Publish' tab.  You could for example show a list on your website with priority 1 items only by entering  'priority:1' as a custom filter and putting the code in your site.   Furthermore  the printing option will now print the current selection as you see it, instead of the whole list.  So you can quickly compile a list using a search query and print just those items.

An other thing we added is the option to hide the time on the date/time fields.  You can hide it by checking the  'Date Only' checkbox in the field properties dialog. (available through the 'Fields' tab)

Finally we fixed a few issues with the date picker  and optimized the loading of the list data a bit to be on your screen even faster.

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