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Downtime expected for FlexLists

01 06 2008, Michiel van Vlaardingen on FlexLists

Tomorrow FlexLists will be down for maintenance. Normally this would take only a few minutes, but this time we will convert the data in all lists as well in anticipation of new features that will be introduced later this month.  Because we want you data to be safe, we can't have anybody accessing their FlexLists during this conversion. If everything goes well, none of our changes will be visible to you.

If you are wondering what those features are that we are preparing for:

  • Be able to archive items  (great for 'done' items in todo lists)
  • Have sublists (e.g. have a list of comments for each task in your tasklist)
  • Some extra field types and options 
  • Upgrading your FlexList to BloxDB
Edit 02 06 2008: The update is completed, it took us a bit over two hours. If you encounter any errors, please contact us.

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