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Attention to Teamspinner

26 09 2007, Michiel van Vlaardingen on Teamspinner

Our project collaboration and information management tool Teamspinner has been in beta for a while now without much happening. We did not even actively use it ourselfs. Because eating your own dog food is a great principle and we needed to manage our growing amount of project information we forced ourself to use it from now on. So as a result you should see the changes comming soon.

A few changes that are already applied after a few hours of intensive use:

  • Switched to normal pages instead of AJAX (it's so much easier to mail these URLs )
  • Sorted the 'Updated' overview by the most recently updated project first
  • Fixed bugs with slashes in the texts
  • Renaming of projects
Are you a user of Teamspinner? Please let me know what you need!

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