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Towards BloxDB

07 05 2008, Michiel van Vlaardingen on FlexLists

This weblog has been quiet for a while. The main reason is that we are working on some new projects and libraries.    A project that we announced a few months ago is BloxDB. Unfortunately we were not yet able to put a lot of effort in it, so you will have to wait a bit more for the release. BloxDB will target it as an upgrade to FlexLists. As we want to make the transition as easy as possible, we are now in the process of moving FlexLists a bit towards, what we could say is a BloxDB light.  It will have the same interface for the data as BloxDB, but with less features.

For those of you interested in the latest developments, it is available online at: it uses the same data as the FlexList site, so you can login using your existing account. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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