Creating Effective Web Applications


What has been keeping us busy?

13 07 2006, Tycho

For the past months we have focused on reusability of our code. We have been putting all our existing code in libraries and have focused on making our software more ready to be sold online. Now we are on track to deliver more projects in a shorter time, which is one of our main goals. Software should be fast and always changing; not set in stone as it is usually perceived by other companies.

What are we working on?

We are enhancing our Flexlists product with some exciting features:

  • sublists
  • filters
  • pages

New projects are coming out of the woodworks also ofcourse:

  • Picturepush; online photo/movie gallery site
  • Teamspinner; simple and efficient projectmanagement
  • Observu; simple and efficient server web server monitoring

We will be porting and writing our applications in Java from now on as well, as to entertain a larger audience. 

Prepare to be amazed in the weeks to come!

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