Creating Effective Web Applications


Tight schedules

05 04 2006, Michiel van Vlaardingen

Today we released the fourth Moving Labs application: votelists. You might notice by now that we are releasing applications on a weekly schedule. And yes that's exactly what we do and plan to do for the coming months. We can release a new application every week, because we can build a new application every week. This is only possible because we focus on the essentials of the applications as I described earlier. Releasing a lot of applications will enable us to focus on the ones most usefull to us and others.

As a side-effect we learn a lot about the fast development of webapplications. We can test a product such as the Consyn AJAX Development Framework in all kinds of applications before releasing it to the public. This is valuable experience used to improve both our products and the webapplications.

Now we have finished the fourth application in a row, we believe that our theory actually works. The tight schedule combined with the diversity in work keeps us moving instead of being trapped in ever more complicated design of 'the best architecture' or talking about the ultimate application. We are now slowly extracting proven techniques and code from our weekly applications and move these into libraries so we can go even faster and release more complex and usefull applications every week.

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