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No specs?

30 03 2006, Michiel van Vlaardingen

Last time I told you we did not use specificiations. So you might be wondering how we do keep track of things. Well, we now use YourDraft and FLEXlists for that. We write down very briefly what we want in a YourDraft document. Then as we go we constantly think of features we (or our users) would like to have. We add these features in a FLEXlist, give them a priority and just implement the most important ones. Offcourse bugfixes are allways more important then any other feature.

Offcourse you might say these lists are our specifications, that's fine. All we care about is that it works. One of the important aspects of these lists is that the features are on the detail level, so you can actually check that it works. Furthermore it is easy to maintain, most specifications written in a document are never updated to the current wishes of the users. They are allready obsolete before implementation starts. Our lists can change, we can add extra fields when we need them for a specific project and give everyone access to view the current (and allways up-to-date) state of the project.

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