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Brand New Observu Coming

17 03 2011, Michiel van Vlaardingen on Observu Since the start of 2011 we have been working on a new version of Observu.  Contrary to the current version it will be a paid service. We made this decision because we were unable to provide the service level we desired and required without charging you.

The new Observu will combine website monitoring from multiple servers with on-server monitoring using a collection agent that keeps track of your server health.  Furthermore Observu will provide API access for you to input additional measurements and extract custom reports. All of this will be combined with the best reporting and notifications we can imagine.

You can read up on our progress on the Observu Blog. I highly recommend getting on the mailinglist if you want to be in our beta program as soon as it launches.

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17 03 2011: Brand New Observu Coming
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