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14 12 2010, Michiel van Vlaardingen on FlexLists

We have added a small, but requested feature to FlexLists:  you can now print individual entries as well:  click  an item in the list, at the bottom of the details listing a 'Print Item' button will appear.

Furthermore we fixed a small access bug. In some cases, users with a READ_ADD key were also able to edit entries, by doubleclicking a row. We have now secured FlexLists against this.

For those interested in more advanced search queries, we've added a section to our FAQ:

Can I search specific fields?

Yes you can by using "column name":"your keyword" as a query.

Furthermore you can combine parts of queries using AND and/or OR. e.g.:
status:Busy OR status:"Not started"
you can also exclude certain parts e.g.
for columns with spaces in them you need to put quotes around the name e.g.
"assigned to":Michiel AND -status:Done

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