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Moving pictures

17 08 2006, Michiel van Vlaardingen on PicturePush

We advertise PicturePush as a photo and video sharing service, the video part did however not yet feel very solid. The Windows Media Player component took long to load and was anything but stable. Looking at the options it became clear that Flash video was the best option. The Flash plugin is widely supported and this setup allows for a very lightweight player.

To create the video files we used only opensource software. Most important is the conversion from the original format with ffmpeg. (get started) Thereafter you will need to fix some of the metadata with for example FLVTool2. That's all you need to create proper FLV files.

To play these video files a player is required, for now we have chosen Jeroen Wijering's player because it is nice and clean. We will modify it in the near feature to fit your needs.

With this new player you can put the video directly in your weblog or website with a bit of HTML.


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