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How does a nerd promote a cool, feature rich, non marketed website?

09 03 2007, tycho on PicturePush

Our site is around now for a year; it is a photo-sharing, Ajax, web2.0, community, hypeterm 1, hypeterm 2 etc site. It was not designed / made to be a hyped site; it was made because we don't like any of the existing photo sites. So it was made by nerds, for nerd reasons.

Even though it is one year old, it only has 666 members when I write this; while we like to use it ourselfs very much, it seems it is a waste not to promote it in some way, as we still think it is a very nice, userfriendly and usable system we created from scratch.


  • Photo sharing (duh)
  • Video sharing, including conversion to flash and thumbnailing
  • All Ajax (no complete page reloading on most of the features)
  • Webdav/applet/form photo uploading
  • Tagging
  • Commenting
  • Grading
  • Community features; friends, photo rights
  • Hotlinking allowed
  • Multiple language
  • Growing storage (like in Gmail)
  • Free

So my question is; how can we promote the site so it gets interested people. As we seem not to be able to do this. There are many of the same type of site, many many are much much worse but get a lot more members and attention.

What is your opinion; what should we add/change to market it, if anything and how should we market it?

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