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22 11 2007, Michiel van Vlaardingen on BloxDB

You might have seen that we listed BloxDB as our next project. So what is it?   In short:  it's the pro version of FlexLists.  However, it is so much more, that it needed a new name and project. The key difference is that you can combine multiple lists into an application.  So, for example, instead of a single list for your tasks,  you can also add a list with your clients and developers that you can then link to the tasks.  Even more interesting are sublists, which allows you to add a list inside an item. For example, you can add a Notes sublist to the tasks,  so each task can have a list of notes attached to it.

Furthermore, BloxDB will be more secure: lists will no longer have a secret url by default, so if you want everything can stay password protected, only available to the users you want. Sharing will become fine grained: you can give a different secret url to each person and withdraw the access if you no longer want it to be available.  To improve collaboration, each application will have a 'discuss' option which will allow a mixture of comments and chat. Secure access will be provided as an extra.

Finally,  BloxDB will greatly expand the possibilities to use the data in other places,  for example using the API, a form on your website, widgets and more.

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