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Change of plans

21 07 2008, Michiel van Vlaardingen in BloxDB

Due to the rapid growth of PicturePush and our involvement in an other soon to be released project, we have not been able to focus on the development of BloxDB. As we believe strongly in honest business I rather inform you now, then having everyone wait for something that will not come as soon as expected.

We still believe in the project, but for the next few months our focus will remain on our existing projects. This will strengthen our common platform which will in the end benefit BloxDB as well.  Basic features intended for BloxDB will be implemented as part of FlexLists, which is more and more becoming a light version of BloxDB.

I hope this post clearifies the current state of BloxDB's development.


30 01 2008, Michiel van Vlaardingen in BloxDB

We are working hard towards a first beta release of BloxDB  our online database product. Last week we finalized the GUI design. The screens are currently being converted into HTML, CSS and JS to make the GUI look and feel nice, smooth and responsive. We expect to show the GUI to our subscribers within the next two weeks. So if you want to take a peek and have not subscribed yet, please do so at .

In the mean time we are also working on  to support BloxDB in the area of data storage. This will keep all data safe and quickly accessible.

What's Next?

22 11 2007, Michiel van Vlaardingen in BloxDB

You might have seen that we listed BloxDB as our next project. So what is it?   In short:  it's the pro version of FlexLists.  However, it is so much more, that it needed a new name and project. The key difference is that you can combine multiple lists into an application.  So, for example, instead of a single list for your tasks,  you can also add a list with your clients and developers that you can then link to the tasks.  Even more interesting are sublists, which allows you to add a list inside an item. For example, you can add a Notes sublist to the tasks,  so each task can have a list of notes attached to it.

Furthermore, BloxDB will be more secure: lists will no longer have a secret url by default, so if you want everything can stay password protected, only available to the users you want. Sharing will become fine grained: you can give a different secret url to each person and withdraw the access if you no longer want it to be available.  To improve collaboration, each application will have a 'discuss' option which will allow a mixture of comments and chat. Secure access will be provided as an extra.

Finally,  BloxDB will greatly expand the possibilities to use the data in other places,  for example using the API, a form on your website, widgets and more.

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