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Update your Status

05 10 2009, Michiel van Vlaardingen in TeamSpinner

A nice thing about social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is to keep up to date on  the life of your friends.  Because TeamSpinner is all about keeping up to date on your project, we believe that the new status feature will further improve tracking your projects.  It works just like on all other social sites, but with a twist:  you can attach messages to a specific project.   Your messages are than only shared with other members of that particular project.

Go check it out and tell us what you think.

Have More Fun In A Group

01 10 2009, Michiel van Vlaardingen in TeamSpinner
This feature isn't particularly exciting, but we have postponed it for a long time.  TeamSpinner now has Groups.   You can create a group of users and then  assign that whole group to a project.  This makes it much quicker for teams to use TeamSpinner.  We are working on more exciting features to keep your project members up to date, which we hope to present soon.

Projects on the road again

16 09 2009, Michiel van Vlaardingen in TeamSpinner

Today we've released a minor update on TeamSpinner.   Just a few small things that are hopefully better now, for now, it's mostly layout.   However, we are looking for a major improvement soon.  We aim to provide much more project management tools and ways to integrate external data and applications into TeamSpinner.  Think of issue tracking tools,  source control,  etc.  We hope TeamSpinner will become the center of project information.

To keep moving, we need your feedback!  What whould you need to give your projects a spin?