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VoteLists cleaned

28 01 2008, Michiel van Vlaardingen in VoteLists

VoteLists was in need of a huge cleanup.   First of all, hundreds of spam lists have been removed (more will follow, but it is hard to screen those remaining by hand).   Furthermore the design has (yet again) been adjusted.

Finally, a few weeks ago we have added a feature which enables you to make the number of votes on items in a list unlimited.  This will allow you to use the list to create sorted lists by moving items up and down as you like. Which can for example be nicely applied to priority lists. One of our users has reported use as a tool in a group process.   Go check it out!

Do you have additional ideas to improve Votelists?  contact us or add it to the features votelist.

Did it make you angry?

13 07 2007, Michiel van Vlaardingen in VoteLists

Since the introduction of Votelists we had some complaints about the red color scheme. Therefore I have changed things around to a more calm blueish tint with a few red accents here and there.  Go check it out! Hope you all like this better.

Unforunatly we had to remove the tagcloud from the site because it was filled with spam, even with the captcha to fight automated submission. 

Sharing VoteLists

12 03 2007, Michiel van Vlaardingen in VoteLists

VoteLists did not yet reach it's critical mass to become interesting. Therefore we made it easier to share VoteLists. Below the lists you will find an easy to copy link and codes to create a top 10 listing to put on your weblog, website or a forum. It looks like this:

Let me know what you think about it.

Edit: We also added tags to the list so you can find those interesting lists.

VoteLists again

09 03 2007, Michiel van Vlaardingen in VoteLists

Votelists has been online for almost a year now and I would like to bring it under your attention again. We have fixed a lot of minor issues and redid the layout a bit. If you have any suggestions please add them to the VoteLists Features VoteList.